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About Wonder Kids

Many times you read the "About Us" information and it speaks of how many years a company has been in business or how well received the company has been in popular magazines or news programs. But I want to tell you about us.

My name is Stephen Elkins, and I am president of Wonder Workshop. My staff and I are a group of dedicated educators, teachers, and parents who have a passionate desire to see children grow in grace and in knowledge. Our products are a reflection of how we feel about children—they are inspirations that should be brought up to inspire!

If you want to know about us, listen to the lyrics of the songs we've written; look through the pages of the books we've constructed; watch our DVDs—they all say the same thing: God created you just the way you are. He loves you and cares about you, every moment of every day.

At MyWonderKids.com, our business is growing better kids by giving them a moral compass that reflects God's will and by raising their education level through quality CDs, books, and DVDs that teach in simple ways. We hope it is said about us, "They care," because we really do.

At Wonder Workshop, and especially through MyWonderKids.com, we care that your kids experience God's love through word and song. We care that you, as a hard-working parent, teacher, or family member, get a great product at a fair price. We're committed to our work and our ministry.

We are here for you. And that's what MyWonderKids.com is about!

Thank you for shopping with us.

Yours in Christ,
Stephen Elkins

Stephen Elkins is the owner and founder of Wonder Workshop, located fifteen minutes from the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. For over 20 years, he has written and produced quality music products that have been nominated for Grammy Awards as well as ECDA Association Awards. He has produced products for every major Christian publisher as well as such publishers as Simon & Schuster and Random House. His books and CDs have been published in several languages and have maintained positions on Billboard's Top 100 for over 100 consecutive weeks. Stephen lives with his lovely wife, Cindy. They have three children.

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